Analysis Gos.Pais Loto 4x32 (program for lottery)

Analysis Gos.Pais Loto 4x32 (program for lottery)
Analysis Gos.Pais Loto 4x32 (program for lottery) Analysis Gos.Pais Loto 4x32 (program for lottery)
Brand: Microsoft
Product Code: GPaiLoto_4х32
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   A special feature of the program is to create a script of the combinations of "filters" for automatic formation rate in the lottery.
   Built-in ability to test on the basis of available data about past lottery draws.
   The calculation and analysis of the statistics of previous editions downloaded from lottery site.
   You will be able to create a unique scenario to forecast winning combinations circulation.
   Automatic calculation matches with copies of your bets.
   Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 contains an installation file Setup.exe.
   Sent the program license key tied to your computer via e-mail indicated in the order after the payment.
   You can see the "Video Review" of this program, to take part in the official lottery "Gos.Pais Loto 4x32" with the calculations it is on this program.
   Participants benefited accurately calculating the amount of their bid spent on tickets only 60 RUR (1 USD).

Program Filters:
    The Even/Odd numbers (a combination, where there are number of even and odd number).
    The Range of numbers (combinations where there count numbers within a predetermined range).
    Number of consecutive numbers (only those combinations where there is a count of the numbers in sequence).
    The Precipitated number (leave the number of numbers that "Often"/"Rarely" dropped in recent editions).
    The amount of the combinations lottery draws.
    The difference between the number of lottery draws.
    The combinations of adjacent numbers (2,3,4 number).
    Cross combinations of numbers (2,3,4 number).
    The difference of adjacent numbers (2,3,4 number).
    Statistics "Leave selected" and "Delete selected".

Advantages of the program:
    Loading archive runs directly from the official site of the lottery.
    Archives Statistics Processing runs for more than 40 species.
    Create automatic rates projected circulation archive.
    Exceptions on the number of runs, for example 10-10000000.
    Betting on the lottery in the manual mode - you choose.
    Betting on the lottery-based filters - not taking part in the lottery.
    Prediction combinations automatically.
    Automatic check for the number of matches with the issuance of the results.
    Logging your bets on combinations of copies.
    The program is not RNG - the Random Number Generator.
    The basis of calculation uses the formuls of world scientists the Theory of Probability.
    It does Not contain Viruses, Trojans and Other malicious code, and Advertising.
    It works on any computer of Windows operation system.
    It is known for many winners on the program.

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