Program for sending mass emails FlySock

Program for sending mass emails FlySock
Program for sending mass emails FlySock Program for sending mass emails FlySock Program for sending mass emails FlySock Program for sending mass emails FlySock
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The program for mass mailing of letters FlySock (Flying sock)

The "Flying Sock" FlySock - consists of modules: flysock.php - interface, sock.php - core, sputnik.php - module for remote dispatch.
The rest are auxiliary files and folders. The program is written in PHP and requires: Hosting, Denwer or OpenServer.
Run: ... /flysock.php?=96785 (Made for close bots from scanning the network - any number!).
Scheme of work: you user (or user proxy) -> Your flysock (localhost or server) + your sock (localhost or server) -> outgoing Client (Provider or sputnik or mail server).
Note: sputnik.php this file "remote", that is, you write it (puts) to the provider, and the flysock.php and other files on your localhost (via DENWER)...
Thus the program will send a letter to sputnik.php and he was a client. It is very convenient to create an extensive network of distribution and increase of over 200% speed.
Example: reached the 10 providers puts the same sputnik.php file to find the file flysock.php X50 line and multiply the number of files sock1.php, sock2, sock3 ... 10 pieces, with the numbering. Creates a sort of a subnet clusters in PHP.
And flysock.php sends alternately on sock1, sock2, sock3..X10 and those on X10 sputnik.php and those clients. There is a special thread option () - thread. But is it nalo? Program and so - rocket !!!
What would DENVER sent c localhost (lokalki) Your mail server (on lokalke) through the built-in mail () function in the file php.ini you need to register port 25 of your mail server at home,
such as MDaemon. It works perfectly with the local MDaemon to him and tested. (This is just one of the options.) Normal skrost mailer is mailing to 1000 letters in 8 minutes. Judge for yourself: 80 minutes = 10,000, 800 minutes = 100,000!
And all for a cup of coffee. You only need to add (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) the lists of mail addresses in the list at the bottom right. And press the button, waiting for when the yarn sock yarn wool over.

What functionality is used:
- It does not matter PHP 5.4 (without MySQL)
- GET or POST data
- Data encryption is 64 bit (for fast data secrecy)
- Ports 0-65536 (all, all customizable)
- Protocols (all known, either)
- Mail (); (Through a server that is running flysock.php + sock.php on port 25 or some prescribe in php.ini)
- Fsockopen (); - (Everywhere, and so and so)
- Smtp (); - (Everywhere, and so and so)
- Curl (); - (Everywhere, and so and so)
- Thread (); (For remote drive only through sputnik.php)

Benefits FlySock program as letters:
- A full-featured mail client to send all public functions
- Rate of sending messages (up to 100 letters per minute!)
- Multithreading sending (using clones sock1,2,3 ... php X50 5000 times per minute, and if the mail server and the link will withstand this amount Hardly!)
- Do not hang your mail server (sent one by one, rather than a pack)
- Built-ping in case of connection failure to stop sending (show on someone)
- Adjustable speed by sending a pause between letters
- Passes spam headers
- Passes virus headlines
- It takes a SPAM complaint
- Passes Abuse (Abuse) of the user
- Passes as your subscription
- Passes and comes as the real mail server mx (smtp)!
- Allegedly forms url string to unsubscribe, the subscription of the Client (in the mail, it is displayed as a button in their interface :))
- Encrypts data traffic at the firewall (on the fly Base64)
- Uses all the functions to send (There are no other is in the nature)
- It seems like the last post program MicrosoftOutlook
- Has a communication from the alleged sender Autluk (as they did there, I have not changed :))
- It has a front and a removable white sender id
- Has the last update of Kaspersky Anti-mail client
- Any MRAS and other removable clothes, every time the net with a new letter (sm.skrinshot about headers)
- Any X too, but the last mail server on them all the same looks, and there, too, everything is OK!
- You can send through a relay (Beware that you are banned himself provider Or put a delay on sending 2 minutes to 1 letter, which is not beneficial for the efficient distribution of letters!)
- You can send through a remote mail server (as you wish)
- You can send to another sputkik.php sputkik.php another sputkik.php sputkik.php to another and then to relay.
- It is possible to send to the local mail server (for example Demon)
- Overrides everything headlines on the right, as required by the postal system
- Overrides the names on different (built-in dictionary dic ... php)
- Is replaced with: myself, myself to you, you're away from you (from you) from the dictionary ...
- Replace the address in the response to different (built-in dictionary ...)
- Overrides the date, the time of receipt (including unread messages Client helps make "sorting" up your letter, for example for 2025 It is not possible to prochitannnoe and in 1917!).
- Overrides the length headers + body (the text of the letter) + names + addresses on different (built-in dictionary ... dic)
- Overrides the sender's mail server, even for Yandex :)
- Overrides your IP (using an anonymous proxy server, as the title shows, but real all the same by typing at the entrance to the Client!)
- If the address is for some reason coincided with the fact that there are in nature (such as mail) even displayed avatar is a real person at the receiver (from my world, or Google)
- Do not fall under any restrictions imposed by the mail servers for emails (This is not spam this is only one unique letter)
- Able to work with a local mail server (such as the famous MDaemon)
- And through sockets as you understand from the title
- SMTP and clean if necessary (recommended for use with local pochtarёm so quickly)
- Data import addresses directly from Excel or txt, csv ... Enter through
- Audio signal at the end of the distribution will notify the completion of the
- Shows who sends (email address)
- Shows how much time and megabyte (approximately)
- Sends a letter in the form of html-code (you write everything between <body> HERE YOUR CODE </ body>)
- Shows how it will look in the mail from the Customer (approximately)
- In adjusts logs allegedly under the search term search = (if sending via GET)?
- When a POST request in the logs blank sheet of paper (only some file)
- Somewhere prohibited use POST GET and all :)
- Prohibited port, use "a port", even though UDP please send through, I do not forbid you to do it
- Flysock.php creates unique objects Object and sends them to sock.php, rather than hews files
- Recommended MozillaForefox, since Opera and Chome browser does not support themselves 1000 objects! (Thanks to the constraints of the developers of these browsers, that is on them you can for 1 tyk send only up to 1000 letters)
- Allows you to make a botnet to send out sputnik.php files (on remote servers)
- You can expand the dictionaries and replace with your own, at least for Vietnamese
- You have the source code php build upon bolder, if you are a programmer
- Do not allow to spend your money on purchased mailing list (you are now my own boss took the address and sent Me..)
- It should be cheaper than similar programs (as they where with less functionality, alas)
- Yesterday you did not receive a letter from: some ... Sergei Ivanovich? Hmm ... :) it FlySock (just the wrong address.)
- Do not violate the law of the Russian Federation, as it is not harmful (no virus, no trojan, no bookmarks - not a collection similar to the individual degrees of mixing types or species)!
- From this it follows that it is not common and not malicious ...
- The user receives a PHP-code and do with it what he wants himself, then there is a responsibility borne by the users of this program FlySock!

Cons for mass mailing of letters of the program:
- Do not attacheny sends the file (just get into the spam on the server for any file, and do not need it ... for a long time to explain is superfluous)
- Substantially browser loads MozillaFirefox (prepare in advance by turning off unnecessary programs from the computer's memory)
- Consumes RAM 100-1000 MB (cook in the browser cache and better advance until it is filled for the first time)
- It is recommended not more than 3000 letters for 1 session (3000 + 3000 + 3000 ...) to Mozilla

Description of the settings for the operating modes of the program:
- Anti-filter - OFF- (letter comes from your fields on the left), RND- (combination of dictionaries), SLF- (get from himself from the list at the bottom right)
- Fill in the Subject and Body, if the Signature Name is empty, according to the first option to be substituted or email names
- Setting for send of e-mails - modes of operation of the program
- My IP - the address of someone you want to write to ping foreseen for monitoring a connection failure when sending (at the bottom shows you the actual IP for self-control, such as eating, you run the program through an anonymous proxy server)
- My server - that will see the client in the mail if you look headers from a mail server it (he goes to the abuse buttons and subscription)
- Real server - shows the real server. It can be achieved by making Denver the same folder yandex.ru example and run it flysock.php (Get Real)
- Type of PHP-functions - methods of sending letters with its nuances (GET / POST put in advance in the first option for them):


  •      mail () get / post - only works well, and sends only as a relay directly from the php (like sendmail configured in php.ini and the port)
  •      fsockopen () - is a classic SMTP authentication HELO-ELHO, only on sockets (address, port, either - running fashion instantly!)
  •      curl_setopt () - This authorization emulation approach through a browser on soketak. (Red variables you do not touch, they are accepted by "companion" for the job.)
  •      thread () - yarn, working with file sputnik.php. Put GET / POST bet in advance. Settings on the line. (Red variables you do not touch, they are accepted by "companion" for the job. The rest we substitute themselves of the fields.)

 Recommendations: unknown to me buddy uses mostly mail () on the provider, smtp () a server on the local post, thread () sends the provider, and the program is running on lokalke through DENVER server as a respected at gmail.com lokalhoste (
- Server delay - delay between letters (50ms very quickly can be frustrating, 150-250 is the fact that it is necessary to leave will leave - postman will not have time to swallow udalёnke)
- GET / POST method - het or post data transmission (POST recommended - you transfer encrypted string). It applies to all Type of PHP-functions! Settings do immediately.
- To users e-mails - mail list is inserted through the Enter (Directly from Excel, MySQL, CSV, TXT), if you need them, will substitute Anti-filter (SLF included).
Below is displayed: distribution method, spent megabytes, number of letters, the approximate time. The rest thought automatically done in the kernel - in sock.php file. flysock.php to all data transfers on the settings for managing mailing.

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